The Foundations of a Great Interview Experience

At Sailer, customer research and interviews are part of our daily operations. We consider customer interviews a vital research tool, with the interviewee being the central figure. Our interviewees are invaluable, their insights forming the core of our research. We strive to provide the best possible care and a highly enjoyable interview experience. A successful interview not only enhances the customer’s experience but also leads to higher-quality data and more accurate research results.

In an effective interview, the interviewer is engaged, fully present, and actively listening, demonstrating attentiveness through eye contact and body language. Unlike a formal examination, a customer interview is a sincere and engaging conversation about the research subject, aimed at answering specific questions.


Sailer abides by clear guidelines and procedures to ensure a positive interview experience. During an interview, the interviewee will receive information on at least the following key areas:

  1. INTERVIEW TOPIC The interviewee is clearly informed about the subject matter and questions of the interview in advance. Knowing what will be discussed allows the interviewee to prepare if desired. This foresight often leads to more thoughtful, varied, and quality responses.

  2. INTERVIEW PURPOSE The interviewee is told explicitly who is conducting the interview, on whose behalf, and why. Although this information is provided during scheduling, it is helpful to reiterate these details at the start of the interview.

  3. DATA USAGE The interviewee is clearly informed about how the interview recordings or notes will be utilized and who will have access to them. If a recording is planned, the interviewee will have been informed beforehand, and the initiation of the recording is explicitly communicated.

After the interview, appreciation is expressed for the interviewee’s time and contribution. The best feedback we can receive is when an interviewee says, “That was a great conversation!”


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Paula Salo-Valjakka

Paula Salo-Valjakka

Insight Team Lead
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