Our story

Sailers [sãlərs] have been used for centuries as tools to foster trade. They have enabled meetings and trade between different cultures. They tell a story of curiosity; the desire to see and do things in a new way. Sailers have always allowed us to meet new people and expand to markets beyond the horizon.

We are the sailer of modern pioneers. We create deep understanding of people and markets near and far. We help you and your colleagues recognise how your organisation could be better in the future. Our unique and creative reporting methods make the research results interesting and easy-to-share. We produce results, so that our customers can be confident on their journey to success.

Our sailer is loaded with world-class customer experience. We promise to exceed our customers’ expectations – always.

Welcome on board.


Our vision is to build the world changing research product.

We create value by

Fostering deep understanding

Finding actionable insights

Guiding you to results


Our mission is to create journeys to success.

“We believe that success starts by understanding people and market behaviour. Our purpose is to build a world changing research product. When this passion is combined with competence and willingness to offer world-class customer experience, I promise you will get more than expected.“

– Hannu Uotila, CEO

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