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Our clients come from various different fields and organisational structures, but one thing unites them; their desire to understand people and craving for authenticity. Discover what our clients say about us and how we have helped our clients succeed.

What our clients say about Sailer

Sami Sipiläinen

Service Director


“We chose Sailer’s video research because it enables continuous development of the customer experience and it makes it easy to share research results within our organization.”

Mikko Ampuja


Vapaus Bikes

“Sailer helped us to understand the target group, with which we improve our sales conversion. The price-quality-benefit ratio of the entire service was amazing. I recommend.”

Pekka Helin

SVP, Customership and Living Services


“Cooperation with Sailer is smooth and comfortable. The video reports are top notch. They help and motivate to develop the customer experience. It’s great to be able to work with sailer in the future as well.”

Client stories

Success stories

Global Collaboration

Video report was used to communicate the clear benefits of the planned collaboration. Based on this, our client started a global collaboration with a client company. Our collaboration led to our client receiving tens of millions in additional sales.

International Strategy

We created a base for a customer centric strategy for an international enterprise. Based on the video report, the management in different countries created the content for the strategy.

Optimisation of service offering

Videographic research created a clear view for our client of which features of their service offering to prioritise in their digital development. Our client was able to optimise the resourcing of the development in consequence of our research.

Customer Visibility

A cross-functional organization received a unified direction, thanks to our video report. This sped up the workflow as well as detected additional sales potential. The research saved the client time and money.

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