This privacy policy statement describes the usage, storage and sharing practices of personal data collected from persons involved in Sailer’s research projects. In addition to research related purposes we collect data for a marketing register for example to send newsletters. The marketing register is based on our legitimate interests. For more information on the marketing register, contact


1. Data Controller

Oy Sailer Research & Development Ltd.
Bulevardi 21
00180 Helsinki

2. Contact person in personal data related issues

Hannu Uotila
Bulevardi 21
00180 Helsinki


3. Name of the register

Personal data register of the research project participants


4. Purpose of processing personal data 

The contact information is used to inform the participants about the research project and in order to arrange research interviews.  Age may be taken into account in the analysis of the research data. Photographs are used in the analysis phase of the research. Audiotaped, videotaped and transcribed interview material is used as research material. All data collected are project specific and the data provided will not be used in other research projects.


5. Information content of the register

Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, age, photograph, audiotaped interview, transcribed interview, videotaped interview. The videotaped research report based on research results is not considered to be a part of data content of the register. A separate performer agreement will be signed with the persons appearing on the videotaped research reports.


6. Sources of information

The information is obtained directly from registered persons.


7. Disclosure of information

As a rule, information will not be disclosed to third parties.


8. Transferring of data outside EU or EEA

Data will not be transferred outside EU or EEA.


9. Principles of register protection

Paper documents are stored in a locked area.
Data in digital format are stored in a cloud service protected by a password. Only employees of Oy Sailer Research & Development Ltd. have access to the data.


10. Retention of data

Forms containing personal data are retained for five years. The audiotaped interviews are kept one year after the end of the research project. The transcribed interviews, photographs and videotaped interviews are kept for up to three years after the end of the research project.


11. Rights of the registered person

The registered person has the right to inspect the information on him/her stored in the register. The request for such an inspection must be sent to

After the research project has ended the registered person has the right to ask the data controller to remove his/her data from all the data controller’s systems by sending email to This right does not apply to the videotaped research report as a separate performer agreement is signed with the persons appearing on the videotaped research report.

The registered person has a right to ask a correction of any incorrect information by sending a request to