Video interview also takes into account what is not said out loud

Qualitative research tries to understand the quality of the object being studied – how a phenomenon is experienced, understood and what does it mean?

One way to gather data in qualitative research is through individual or group interviews. In a face-to-face interview, the interviewer is one of the tools that can also evaluate and interpret the nonverbal communication that takes place in the interview situation – the interviewee’s gestures, expressions and emotions.

With a remote video connection, we can interview almost anyone anywhere in the world. The recorded video provides the researcher with rich material for analysis. Also, in a remote video interview, the interviewer and the interviewee are ”face-to-face”, and thus the researcher can evaluate the interview more precisely both during the interview and later when reviewing the material. How does the interviewee respond to the questions? How does the interviewee’s body language communicate in the answers? Are emotions soaring to the surface? Do these things matter?

Although nonverbal communication ultimately depends on the interpretation of the researcher, a competent researcher is an important factor in determining the research process and its quality.

With video research, we can find out, for instance, what do your customers or partners (really) think, and how much importance do they give to their experiences and thoughts.



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