Videographic Research – What is it and what are its benefits?

DEFINITION OF VIDEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH Videographic research is a qualitative research method that utilizes video for data collection, analysis, and reporting. It’s also referred to as videography and video ethnography. The roots of videographic research trace back to anthropology and the 1920s. As the world becomes increasingly video-centric, it has become a common research method for […]

Customer Experience – What is it and why is it important?

Customer experience is king – regardless of the industry, business, location, or organization. Excellent customer experience is no longer just a nice addition, but it is a competitive advantage that can even make or break a company. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BEGINS EVEN BEFORE THE CUSTOMER KNOWS THEY ARE A CUSTOMER Customer experience describes the customer’s experience […]

Customer Research – The Catalyst for Business Growth and Development

UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMER RESEARCH: A VITAL TOOL FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS Customer research creates understanding through the gathering and analysis of insights related to customers’ opinions, preferences, needs, and behaviors. This understanding allows organizations to enhance their products and services, tailoring them to what the customer truly wants and needs. EXPLORING CUSTOMER RESEARCH METHODS: A CUSTOMIZED APPROACH […]

Breaking New Ground: Crafting the World’s First Customer Promise Utilizing AI With Rinnekodit

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, AI has emerged as a game-changing force, driving innovation and efficiency in a multitude of fields. We at Sailer are thrilled to announce our partnership with Rinnekodit in creating the world’s first AI-driven customer promise. A Pioneering Collaboration Together with Rinnekodit, Sailer is embarking on a ground-breaking journey to […]

The Foundations of a Great Interview Experience

At Sailer, customer research and interviews are part of our daily operations. We consider customer interviews a vital research tool, with the interviewee being the central figure. Our interviewees are invaluable, their insights forming the core of our research. We strive to provide the best possible care and a highly enjoyable interview experience. A successful […]

Customer Centricity – The Key to Success

Customer-centricity is not just a buzzword – it should be a strategy that places the customer at the core of all decisions. Businesses must rethink traditional business models and shift towards a customer-centric approach, or they risk fading into obscurity. CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY AND ITS POWER Customer-centricity is a business mindset that places customer needs, interests, encounters, […]

Embracing the Future: How Artificial Intelligence Powers Research and Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept limited to the realms of science fiction. Today, AI is a reality that’s reshaping our world in countless ways, from how we communicate to how we work. Businesses around the globe are recognizing the potential of AI, using it as a catalyst for innovation and productivity. In […]

Unleashing Employee Potential: How Service Design Drives Success at Every Level

There’s an adage you’ve probably heard: “Two heads are better than one.” It’s a simple principle that applies universally, and particularly resonates in the business world. But what if we told you there’s a way to amplify this principle, leveraging the ideas, perspectives, and strengths of all your employees to drive your company’s success? This […]

Listening is the best way to care for your customers

“What a nice conversation we had! A very good start to the week. I’m glad they chose this method. Thank you!”. This was the comment of the CFO of a large company at the end of our interview. The topic of the interview was future prospects and needs and how our client, a service provider company […]

Kuunteleminen on parasta asiakashoivaa

”Olipas mukava keskusteluhetki! Oikein hyvä viikon aloitus. Hienoa, että he valitsivat tällaisen menetelmän. Kiitos!” Tämä oli suuren yrityksen talousjohtajan kommentti haastattelumme lopussa. Haastattelun aiheena olivat tulevaisuudennäkymät ja -tarpeet ja miten haastattelun tilaaja, palveluntarjoajayritys X, voisi parhaiten tukea nykyistä asiakastaan tulevaisuuden haasteissa. Haastattelemani talousjohtaja koki tulevansa kuulluksi ja pystyvänsä tuomaan omat ajatuksensa esiin luonnollisessa keskustelutilanteessa. Väitän, […]