Producing an international and customer-centric strategy with Produal


Produal’s goal was to increase their understanding of customers from across the market and directly hear from the customers about the needs, hopes and expectations they have in order to improve collaboration in the future. Produal also wanted to increase dialogue with their customers and at the same time emphasise the importance of customer understanding internally on different levels of the organisation. 


Our approach

Sailer’s research team planned and executed the videographic research in which Produal’s customers from four different countries were interviewed. Based on the research analysis, four exciting and informative interview reports were created for the four different market areas, where the customer experience was brought to life by the customers themselves. A short summary was created of each individual interview and during the interviews customer recommendations of Produal were also collected for marketing purposes. 

"I was pleasantly surprised about how extremely openly our customers gave feedback in the interviews. We have used the reports in creating our new strategy across the organization. I highly recommend them."
Anselmi Immonen
CEO, Produal Oy

Actionable insights

The direct feedback, praise and developmental suggestions voiced by customers in the video reports have provided direction and brought concrete ideas on how to develop services, solutions and client work. In addition, the great feedback given by the customers and verbal recommendations have been utilised for marketing.




Produal has widely utilised the video reports in their strategy work for different market areas. The videos provided an exciting and effortless way to activate the organisation and encourage employees to participate in preliminary tasks for the organisational strategy work. The video reports were an easy and efficient tool for increasing customer understanding and sharing the customer experience within Produal’s own organisation.