Finding New Customers With Citrus Solutions


The city of Naantali’s online service rose to the top in a user survey of municipal websites. Citrus Solutions takes care of the development and maintenance of the online service. Citrus wanted to highlight their excellent cooperation with the City of Naantali and communicate effectively about their client’s outstanding customer experience. In addition, the aim was to utilize genuine and authentic customer experience to support sales.


Sailer produced a video customer story for Citrus about the City of Naantali’s customer experience, in which Naantali’s culture and communications planner talks about the excellent cooperation with Citrus.

"Sailer's customer story video immediately brought us tangible benefits in the form of a new client relationship. The input-output ratio of the video was excellent."
Henry Kaunislehto
CEO, Citrus Solutions Oy


The customer story video genuinely and convincingly communicates Citrus’s strengths to potential new customers, and Citrus has indeed used the video as an attachment in offers. In addition, the positive feedback given by a satisfied customer also reinforces the sense of meaningfulness of our work among Citrus’s employees. “We work with a good team and interesting topics. We also want to communicate this externally,” Kaunislehto states.


The Naantali customer story video brought more sales to Citrus Solutions, as the video immediately aroused the interest of a potential customer and led to contact after its release, bringing Citrus Solutions a completely new large customer.