Creating customer Promises and a new brand with Luoto Company


For Luoto Company, customer experience is the cornerstone of their operations, so naturally, understanding the customer experience and continuous development is a priority for Luoto. Luoto wanted to investigate their customers’ experience on the decision-maker level and research how the buyers voice their customer experience and how Luoto’s values are conveyed to them. After this Luoto wanted to understand how their customer promise is actualised in their practices on the project level and hear from their clients if there are any areas of development. How could Luoto become an even better version of itself?


Our Approach

Sailer executed two videographic research rounds where Luoto’s customers were interviewed from different levels of the client organisations. In the first round of research, buyers of Luoto’s services from client companies were interviewed about their collaboration with Luoto. The results from this round of the research served as a base for the second round of research, where customers from the project level were interviewed about their daily co-operation with Luoto. The video interviews were recorded, the material was then analysed and based on the insights video reports were created for both rounds of research to support Luoto’s developmental efforts.

"Thanks to Sailer's videographic research, we know exactly what our clients appreciate and where we should be focusing our developmental measures. I am very satisfied. Sailer gets a mark of 11/10!"
Lauri Nousiainen
COO, Luoto Company

Actionable Insights

Based on the first round of research, Luoto’s new customer promises were created and the brand was given a facelift. In the second round of research it was investigated how these customer promises are actualised on a project level in the daily co-operation with Luoto. Luoto was able to hear what they are exceeding in and what could still be developed straight from their customers. By using video reports, they have been able to share the results effortlessly within their whole organisation.


Luoto has utilised the video reports to strengthen customer understanding throughout the organisation. Luoto has been able to refine their customer communication and they are now able target their customer needs better. The messages conveyed by the customers in the video reports have served as a concrete starting point for planning and executing developmental measures.