Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Research and Development

Generative AI has quickly become a central tool for many industries, especially in enhancing productivity and efficiency. Its ability to create content and analyze large amounts of data offers numerous opportunities in the field of research and development. In the Kauppalehti article “Tekoäly ei korvaa inhimillistä ajattelua” (AI Does Not Replace Human Thinking), Hannu and I reflected on the limitations of AI use, but it would also be appropriate to discuss the benefits of using AI and elaborate where AI is applicable in research and development.

Qualitative Data Analysis

One of the greatest strengths of generative AI is its ability to analyze large amounts of qualitative data quickly and accurately. AI can process massive text documents, such as research reports or customer feedback, identify key themes, and analyze the material from a particular perspective. This accelerates the analysis process and allows researchers to focus on deeper interpretation and conclusions.

In the realm of customized GPTs, there are also many opportunities for companies to create virtual assistants familiar with the company, brand, and practices to further streamline processes.

Accelerating the Analysis Process

AI can also speed up the analysis process, enabling more efficient research and decision-making. This is particularly valuable in situations where large amounts of information need to be processed quickly. Sometimes, AI also notices things that humans might have missed or makes valuable suggestions that might not have been considered otherwise.

Enhancing Research Efficiency

One of the more useful things we have found in terms of efficiency, is that you can ask Generative AI questions about the datasets. This is particularly useful in research work. In qualitative research, the researcher often has to look for something specific in the material, and AI makes this task easier. AI can also help find answers to complex questions, identify connections, and offer new perspectives. This enables faster decision-making and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

AI Does Not Replace Human Thinking

Generative AI does not replace human thinking, but it offers valuable tools for research and development. By effectively utilizing AI, the quality and speed of research can be improved, leading to better decisions and deeper understanding. However, it is important to ensure that AI use is ethical and that human judgment remains in decision-making, but the benefits it offers are undeniable.

Read the article by Hannu Uotila & Alexandra Spens-Reenpää on Kauppalehti’s website:


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