Understanding and Sharing the Customer Experience with Santander Nordic


Santander, renowned for being named the world’s best bank three times, is committed to helping individuals and businesses bring their aspirations to life and achieve their objectives. In the Nordic region, the bank is a leader in automotive and consumer finance services. Prioritizing customer experience and its continual enhancement is a deliberate strategy at Santander. The bank aimed not just to consistently monitor customer experience but to gain a profound understanding of consumer clients’ experiences and disseminate this knowledge effectively and engagingly across its entire staff.


Sailer embarked on a comprehensive international video study, engaging Santander customers from Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. This research was conducted via online remote video interviews, allowing participants to express themselves in their native languages. These interviews were recorded, thoroughly analyzed, and synthesized into a compelling video report. This report showcased customers’ personal narratives, offering an intimate glimpse into their interactions with Santander’s services.


The video study conducted by Sailer successfully illuminated the customer experience from a deeply human perspective, showcasing customer stories in a manner that was both visible and emotionally resonant. This approach provided those working on insights with a richer, more nuanced understanding of customer experiences. As a result, Santander was able to authentically communicate the key elements of customer experience across the organization, narrated by the customers themselves. This initiative not only gave a face to the statistics from customer satisfaction surveys but also pinpointed specific areas for enhancement alongside numerous positive discoveries.

"We gained valuable understanding of the needs and experiences of our Nordic customers through Sailer's video interviews. Working with the Sailer team was very smooth, pleasant, and solution-oriented throughout the entire project."
Maija Kunttu-Lindblom
Commercial Insights Manager, Santander
What Happened After the Project

The distinct and powerful outcomes of the video study led to the decision to launch an internal communication campaign centered around the report video. This campaign was designed to highlight various aspects of the customer journey and engage Santander’s entire Nordic staff. Sailer played a crucial role in both the planning and execution of this initiative. The collaboration reached its peak at the Santander Unite staff event in Oslo, where the video report detailing customer experiences was presented to the bank’s entire staff, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response.