Rinnekodit – Crafting a Unified Customer Promise through AI


Rinnekodit, a Finnish healthcare organization, provides effective health and social services for the elderly, for intellectually or otherwise disabled people, for people with addictive disorders and for homeless people, for children and youth, as well as for other people in need of special support. Rinnekodit presented Sailer with a unique challenge, to develop a unifying customer promise by using artificial intelligence. It was crucial for Rinnekodit to ensure that the development of this customer promise not only involved stakeholders, but genuinely considered the perspectives and aspirations of both their clients and staff.

Our Approach

Sailer embraced this challenge with an interdisciplinary approach. We began with qualitative interviews, engaging directly with Rinnekodit’s customers, their loved ones, and their dedicated employees. This step was crucial for gaining a deep understanding of the varied needs and expectations within this complex customer base.

The interview data was then processed using AI for thematic analysis, allowing us to distill key insights and recurring themes from interviews with over 60 individuals from 18 different units. This was followed by a series of workshops, employing service design methods to dissect and understand these themes in relation to each customer group. A subsequent workshop focused on refining these themes into a cohesive direction for the customer promise. This iterative process ensured inclusivity and relevance across all customer segments.

"Collaboration with Sailer went smoothly, they boldly integrated artificial intelligence into our work. We believe that everyone involved learned a lot from the project. Our clients and staff have praised the workshops and interviews that went nicely; they were experienced as important moments of participation."
Nadja Delcos
Development Manager, Rinnekodit

The culmination of this journey was the crafting of the customer promise using AI. By feeding the AI with comprehensive interview and workshop summaries, we generated several versions of the promise by utilizing the themes defined during workshops. After this the final version of the customer promise was created.

The result of our unique process effectively reflects customer desires and employee insights through a promise that is relevant for all Rinnekodit’s customers. The final version, “You are valuable. We listen, support and together we build a life that looks like you. Your path, our shared journey,” resonated deeply with Rinnekodit’s ethos. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a genuine connection with all customer groups. This project was not only a testament to the power of AI in research and development but also a pioneering venture into uncharted waters, blending technology with empathy and care.