Exploring a Sustainable Brand with Efima


Efima is a pioneer in digital transformation and automation, enhancing the business of large and medium-sized enterprises through enterprise resource planning, financial management, and intelligent automation solutions.

Efima wanted to better understand the experiences and perceptions that its current and potential customers associate with the Efima brand. How is Efima’s brand currently perceived, and in which direction should it be developed in the future?


Sailer designed and carried out an in-depth brand study for Efima, looking at the brand from many sides using qualitative research methods. The study’s foundation was the concept of brand experience, which suggests that experiences are complex, influenced by the sensations, emotions, cognitive processes, and actions that a brand evokes (Brakus et al., 2009).

The team gathered data through semi-structured interviews with a broad group of current customers from various industries, financial leaders of potential clients, and members of Efima’s staff. The discussions covered important topics such as brand recognition, overall brand image, how Efima stands out from competitors, its main strengths, and its visual identity.

Financial directors from possible client companies were also asked to share their thoughts on future challenges, the most critical problems needing solutions, and the skills they think will be needed down the line, along with their impressions of Efima’s brand image. To thank them for their participation, a detailed report focusing on these future-oriented themes was prepared and shared with all the financial directors who took part in the interviews.

"We gained clarity and certainty for our brand work and decision-making from the brand study conducted by Sailer. I was positively surprised by how well Sailer succeeded in engaging respondents from among potential customers as well."
Päivi Holmqvist
Marketing and Communications Director, Efima


From the study, Efima gained fresh insights into the current status of the brand, along with feedback from both existing and potential customers about Efima’s future prospects. This research enhanced Efima’s grasp of its areas of excellence, key strengths, and unique qualities relative to its competitors, offering straightforward directions for the brand’s ongoing development efforts.

*) Brakus, Schmitt & Zarantonello. 2009. Brand Experience: What is it? How is it measured. Does it affect Loyalty? Journal of Marketing. Vol.73. pp. 52-68