Videographic research (or Videography) is the practice of crafting expressions and sharing experiences in video form. It is about collecting the data (e.g. interviews and observations) on video, but also presenting the findings as inspiring videos.

Instead of boring slideshows or painfully long text reports, we offer you a documentary-like video. The video allows us to communicate emotions, contextual understanding and authenticity that cannot be conveyed through traditional research methods. This is an insightful report that inspires people and guides them to action. We put the hottest academic expertise and professional video know-how together to create research that matters.

View examples of our research reports here:

  • Visit Finland
  • Association for Finnish Work / Made by Finland
  • Rinnekoti

Visit Finland

Visit Finland wanted to provide deep understanding of booming Chinese tourism in Finland and how Chinese tourists perceive Finnish service culture. We approached this from both the tourists’ and Finnish service providers’ points of view.

Chinese winter tourists in Finland

Chinese winter tourists in Lapland, Business representatives

Association for Finnish Work / Made by Finland

We conducted a videographic research into the traits defining the Finnish work brand, of which we identified three: collaboration, safety and know-how. The research findings were communicated through 6 profile videos.

Mika Kalliomaa, Safety (in Finnish)

Juha Vihma, Safety (in Finnish)

Teresa Skogberg, Know-How (in Finnish)

Timo Lappi, Know-How (in Finnish)

Juha Pöyry, Collaboration (in Finnish)

Anu Kallio, Collaboration (in Finnish)


In collaboration with Rinnekoti, we conducted unique pilot study 2018. We combining measurement data from the Moodmetric smart ring, staff’s and customers diaries and videographic research. The Moodmetric ring measures the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

The aim of the study was to find opportunities for assisted communication for clients who are not capable of self-expression. We also wanted to increase understanding of staff’s feelings and recovery from work which can be quite demanding.

Rinnekoti, combining smart technology, videographic research and personnels diaries