Uncertainty and agility go hand in hand 

The past few years have been filled with sounds of uncertainty – both in the economy, health and environmental stability. Things that were taken for granted have, frankly, crumbled before our eyes. How does uncertainty manifest itself in working life and is it always a bad thing?

Reality itself is uncertain. There are no guarantees other than the limitations of life itself. So why say that “we are now living in uncertain times” or talk about tolerating uncertainty, if all our actions are ultimately based on uncertainty?


Uncertainty drives us forward. It motivates and challenges us to develop. That’s why we take risks and make the impossible possible. It also makes us humble again and again when we face challenges, even crises that “no one” could predict correctly.

Agility is strongly linked to uncertainty, which is a way to react to changes. If everything is self-evident and things go with complete certainty as intended, there is no need for agility. Certainty increases rigidity and easily commits to one way of working, while reducing the need to develop. However, since nothing is certain in practice, you should be prepared in the face of inevitable changes.

fostering agility

Companies need agile employees. Agility is a trump card with which a company mirrors its success. Agility is supported by a reliable and inspiring work community, which also acts as a support and backbone even in difficult situations. This is why communication and understanding between employer and employee is important. An agile employee understands his employer, knows his own strengths and reads his environment carefully.

Personnel research is both a way to systematically collect information and ideas from employees about matters related to their own work, and to maintain an active dialogue about work right here in our company. Good research increases dialogue and trust between employer and employee and inspires action. What does agility and living with uncertainty mean in our company? How could we be even more agile and support each other in an uncertain reality? Where are we good, where do we still need to improve? What makes us…us?

Let’s get in touch, and we will plan a personnel survey for you too, which will foster agility and increase confidence in working together.


Maija Rankinen

Maija Rankinen

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