Videographic research

Videographic research combines qualitative research through interviews and video reporting. If images tell more than a thousand words, video will tell you even more. Videographic research is the only way to communicate the feelings of the target group as it translates facial expressions and gestures to the viewer. Videographic research enables authentic encounters with customers or members of target groups by perceiving them in their natural environment, as the are. When you want to understand your clients or consumers, videograpic research is an excellent tool. It allows you to inspire your organisation effectively and effortlessly when you are creating a strategy, planning or developing new things or want to be sure about your direction. When you want research that makes a difference, choose videographic research.

Why Sailer Know?

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We believe that success starts by understanding people and the market. As each project has individual needs for understanding, we always tailor the service to fit your needs by choosing the right research methods from our toolbox. Deep understanding of your target group creates insights, which help you succeed. We research customers, employees, partners and market behaviours – people. We want to be your partner on your road to success.