1. Management

Sailer’s videographic research is a great tool for management teams who aim for customer-centric thinking in an organisation. With our help, companies can let their decision-making always reflect customer perspective, because we bring this perspective to life. In addition, the customer research video can be effectively used to spread authentic customer messages throughout the whole organisation. Do you have enough guts to see what your customers think about your company? This is where we’ll help you.

2. Product & Service Development

Videographic research is an excellent tool in product and service planning, concept development, or when you need more understanding of your brand purpose and applications. Video cameras record not only image and sound, but how consumers use your product or service and their emotional reaction. Sometimes honest and uncensored feedback might hurt, and sometimes you might love it. But, more importantly, videographic research adds the most crucial dimension to the success of any development activity – the customer!

3. Sales & Marketing

We visually deep dive into customer segments, journeys and experiences. Videographic research offers a multidimensional profile of your customers and target audiences. Sailer’s video report is a fast and efficient tool for communicating about your customer segments across your organisation. Make an impact and reach your key players faster through insightful video.