Tripling sales conversion and boosting sales with Vapaus Bikes


Biking interests people. It is a form of transport that is meaningful for both the planet and people’s wellbeing. But why don’t all the people who are interested in biking, bike? Vapaus Bikes wanted to grow their understanding about, what is stopping people from biking and how these barriers could be overcome, so that both biking, and amount of bikers, could be increased.


Our Approach

Sailer conducted a videographic research by interviewing non-bikers from all over Finland. The video interviews were recorded, after which the video material was analysed, and based on the analysis, the video report was created. In the video report, non-bikers elaborate on their relationship with biking and ponder the reasons to why they do not use a bike.

"I believe that by understanding this target group we can triple our conversion. To us, this means an increase of tens of millions of euros in sales."
Mikko Ampuja
CEO, Vapaus Bikes

Actionable Insights

Sailer’s videographic research removed uncertainty in Vapaus Bikes decision making and increased certainty about the right course of action. The video report has helped Vapaus’s leadership in preparing and designing meetings and workshops, which has helped them save time and effort. The video has been utilised within the organisation in different contexts as well as used with partners to develop the collaboration. Sharing the results of the research with a videographic report has been effortless. Video makes people visible. The visual message of the video is impactful and the power of authentic people and their message is immense.



Based on the research Vapaus Bikes has discovered, how to connect with the desired audience in order to reach them, and how they can help them by creating an operational model that encourages the target audience to bike. Vapaus utilised the research while building a new marketing content plan and to create new features for the technical part of their services.