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We bring insights into life through video

We inspire you through your customers

We create future proof action

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We are on a mission to inspire organisations to be human-centric through visual insights. For us, an insight is only as valuable as the impact it creates. We create this impact using videographic research, which is a combination of market research and professional video production. Our work is based on academic research and our expertise in creating video.

We generate deep human insight through video for your needs.

…and yes, we want to be darn good at it.


We believe that inspiration drives us forward. With the help of research video you can experience your company, or its products and services, through your customers’ eyes. This creates genuine inspiration, where the customer guides the decision-making in your organisation. The insights can be easily distributable throughout organisations, enabling the inspiration to spread, regardless of the context.


We have proven that when research findings are presented in documentary-style video, they are much more impactful and memorable than traditional research presentations. We use videography as a tool to gain deep understanding of people, companies and markets. The power of videographics can be summed up as “a picture is worth a thousand words, but video is even more”. Video allows us to communicate authenticity, emotions and contextual understanding – tacit knowledge which cannot be shown by traditional means. We bring customer stories to life, in an unscripted, research-based way.


Deep understanding of your customer is a valuable asset – one you can build your future success on. Our work generates action and we want that action to be future-proof. We make sure that you have deep, relevant understanding to make successful decisions. It doesn’t matter if you are working on BtoC, BtoB, or in an online or offline environment: we are here to bring the human perspective to you, so you can focus on what you are best at.

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