Video Communication

By utilising peer communication on video you build reliability for your brand and avoid marketing content that misses the target. The demand for authentic customer stories is growing and you can answer to this demand by utilising authentic video content. Our video team produces videos about your company’s customers, employee experience, strengths and success stories, based on your needs. We produce videos of authentic people and real stories. Our experts know how to make the participants feel relaxed in front of the camera, and we make the appearance on video feel natural, which translates to an authentic result.

Why Sailer Share?

The demand for brand authenticity is growing

Sailer Share provides authentic marketing, real voices only

Let the voice of your customers build trust for your brand

Shareability with video

Video allows you to share your stories to the desired audience. Whether it’s a video about customer experience or employee strengths, video does not only share the story, but also translates the feelings of the participants. Feelings reach people. This is what makes video an impactful and convincing tool. When the video content is produced with expertise, it increases sales conversion and helps you attract the right people.
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