Videographic research isn’t just research – it’s also authentic, moving communication!

The core of authentic communications is authentic human stories that get people talking and that come from experience. The videographic research provided and conducted by Oy Sailer is authentic communications at their most authentic – from people to companies. Positive messages can easily be edited into people-to-people peer messages, and companies can use these video messages easily in their branding.


Videographic research is authentic communications at their most honest

Videographic research is market research conducted with the aid of video. It aims to produce information to support a client, for example, for their decision-making. Video is also a strong medium for presenting research results. Research report videos show people’s real feelings, opinions, feelings and understanding, for example, of the company’s products or services.

A video report captures research participants’ positive and negative feedback. These can include messages of dissatisfaction, room for improvement, incidents and disappointments, but also of success, joy and gratitude towards the company for solving the customer’s problem. The content of a videographic research report is authentic communications at their best.


Authentic communications from research materials

Often, these pearls of authentic communications are only used internally by a company. However, the visual material offered by a video report offers the chance to use research data in video form in your authentic communications. In addition to the confidential material that stays inside the company, several short videos can be cut from a video report. These can show the moments in which the client says how genuinely grateful, satisfied or happy she is about the company’s product or service. And these moments can be found in research conducted for any company.


Killing two birds with one stone

That’s what one of our clients did. In addition to a visual and impactful report on the research, we made them ten different videos using the video materials (with the consent of the interviewees), which the client could then use in its communications. In the videos, people talk about how they want to recommend the product, why they chose it, and experiences of using it.


Shall we do this?

Contact us and we’ll tell you more about videographic research and about how you can turn research materials into impactful, honest authentic communications.


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