Video research + Educational institution co-operation = Research industry development

At Sailer, we have been cooperating with various universities and colleges for years, e.g., in Finland, France, and the United States. The cooperation has consisted of visiting lectures, student work evaluation, joint student projects and various research and development projects.

Video research has been ahead of commercial research in academic doctrine for years. The first videographic studies were conducted as early as the 1920s in anthropology. Later, video research has found its home in consumer research and consumer culture research. Now, organizational theories also utilize videography extensively. We have a lot to learn about the ways in which educational institutions utilize different methods of understanding and research in different contexts.

Now when everyone has a camcorder and an editing program in their pockets, investing in equipment is no longer a barrier to taking advantage of video in research activities. Lack of creativity and tradition are. We want to break down these obstacles. We want to learn from the theoretical debate and put it into practice in commercial research, so that our clients win and get a return on their research investment. We want to develop the entire industry and set an example.

Collaborating with educational institutions enables us to inspire and encourage young people at different stages of their studies, to discuss about the commercial exploitation of video research in different contexts, to learn about young people’s thinking and working, to build relationships with future decision-makers, to offer work for young people, to inspire students to work on research business and to be curious towards phenomena. I believe both sides in the co-operation are absolute winners. Suddenly, I didn’t come up with any reason why we shouldn’t be involved in educational institution collaboration.

Thanks to all the people and institutions who made the cooperation possible.


Here are some of the schools we have had the pleasure to work with:

Aalto University School of Business (Helsinki, Finland)

EMLyon Business School (Lyon, France)

XAMK – South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Mikkeli, Finland)

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland)

Suffolk University Sawyer Business School (Boston, USA)


Are you interested in cooperating with us? Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss more.


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