Ten reasons to fall in love with videographic research

Today, the only way for companies to survive is by renewing themselves and what they do. In a changing environment, it’s important to adapt to new conditions and keep in pace with developments. Of course, the best scenario is to be ahead of others! Renewing yourself requires to will to do it and to let go of the old.

What if you were to bravely renew your company’s research methods? And what if, instead of a PDF report, you got a video, like a TV documentary, about your clients’ opinions and thoughts?


Oy Sailer can give you ten reasons to fall in love with videographic research!

  1. Videographic research opens eyes
  2. Videos arouse emotions
  3. Video reports offers deeper understanding
  4. Videographic research makes an organisation more client-centred
  5. Video reports make research data open
  6. Videographic research forces you to act right away
  7. Videos inspire people
  8. Video reports help you educate people
  9. Videographic research can be used in your communication efforts
  10. Videographic research boosts sales

You can find out more about what’s behind these reasons in the article in Finnish here.

Videographic research gathers the research material on video, and the results are presented as a video report. The video report brings emotions, authenticity and contextual understanding to the research results. The report looks and feels like a short TV documentary.


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